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Support Services for Early Childhood Mathematics and Science

UChicago STEM Education offers mathematics and science professional development services that are specific to the needs and contexts of early childhood teachers. Our overarching goal is to help teachers of young children feel knowledgeable, comfortable, confident, and excited about incorporating age-appropriate mathematics and science into their classrooms and practices.

Contact us at schoolsupportservices@lists.uchicago.edu if you are interested in discussing possible support services and for pricing information.

In-School Coaching

We will conduct classroom visits and planning and debriefing sessions with individual teachers or with teams. We also facilitate “collaborative coaching” – an approach in which teams of teachers co-plan an activity together and observe children as they engage with the mathematics or science concepts and skills during the activity. Our classroom coaching focuses on areas of established needs and priorities.


We offer a wide range of workshops, including one-time sessions and ongoing series, to support mathematics and science in early childhood classrooms. Common workshop topics include mathematics and science content for young children and appropriate pedagogies for this age group. We work with programs, schools, and districts to plan and customize sessions to match their specific needs and available time.