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Everyday Mathematics

UChicago STEM Education (formerly the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education) is the institutional home of author team of Everyday Mathematics (EM), a research-based pre-K through grade 6 mathematics curriculum. Both the work of our tool development group and our research support the ongoing development of EM. Through our efforts the third edition of EM was published in 2007, with an all-new Pre-K program released in 2008. A Common Core State Standards edition became available for the 2011–2012 school year.

Every year in the US, about 4.3 million students in 220,000 classrooms are using EM.

UChicago STEM Education supports educators who use EM through our School Support Services, and by developing ancillary tools to advance the curriculum's mission. In addition UChicago STEM Education provides resources for teachers, parents, and students through the UChicago STEM Education support site for Everyday Mathematics.