UChicago STEM Education offers summer STEM and math camp experiences for students that serve as a platform for students to build passion and confidence for STEM through a deep dive into engaging content and activities that are designed to foster students’ growth mindsets as learners.

The STEM Camp classrooms can also serve as a laboratory setting for a unique professional development experience designed to deepen teachers’ content knowledge along with understanding of how children learn. Teachers benefit from immediate transfer of research into practice and have the opportunity to hone their abilities to collaboratively plan and deliver high-quality instruction.

Our Approach

Our Work

Our work is wide-ranging and includes programs in the following areas:

  • Providing 2-week math camp for rising 4th, 5th and 6th grade students
  • Providing 4-week summer STEM camp for rising kindergarten students
  • Full-day STEM camp integrating math, engineering and cryptography
  • Developing curriculum materials and other resources for camp classrooms
  • Infusing Growth Mindset ideas

Some Sample Projects:

Some Sample Tools

We have developed a wide range of generic and curriculum-specific tools and resources that save teachers time, promote collaboration, and support implementation.

Growth Mindset Lessons

Fostering a growth mindset in students through engaging, challenging lessons allows them to build confidence, flexibility in their thinking, and perseverance.

Math Games

Engaging math games allow students to practice and master important skills and basic facts in an enjoyable way. They offer children the opportunity to think critically, solve problems, and collaborate with their peers.

Math Content Modules

Providing a 2-week curriculum to foster confidence and agency in math content area of operations, fractions, and algebraic reasoning.